The 5 Best Metal Print Companies in 2020

A beautiful photo may look ordinary if you don’t print it properly. Your choice of print often enhances the beauty of a picture and takes it to a different level altogether. Metal print, for one, can make even an ordinary photo look stunning. But which metal print company should you consider? Let’s take a look at the top five that should be on your list.

1. Pictorem

Pictorem is one of the biggest names in the metal printing industry. It offers custom framing options, unique canvases, and tons of rendition options. The most crucial advantage is they work directly with artists and photographers. There’s no middleman to increase the overall cost. And the quality of the prints is outstanding. Just like people say they own a Da Vinci, you will also proudly say that you own a Pictorem. That’s the quality of work they provide to everyone.


• You get to choose from three types of prints: epoxy metal prints, HD dye sublimation metal prints, and standard brushed aluminum available in either white matte or metallic finish.

• Museum quality archival prints.

• The company has the experience to handle large projects with ease. They never compromise on the quality of their prints.

• Their customer service is excellent. You can ask them any queries regarding your order or prints and you will get a prompt response from them.


• Some people may find Pictorem slightly expensive. But you need to understand that all good things come at a price.

2. Bay Photo Lab

When it comes to innovative photographic printing, you can count on Bay Photo Lab to do the best. It’s hard to take your eyes away from their prints once you see them. Their history of offering high-quality prints at affordable prices is what sets them apart. They come up with new print designs and qualities to surprise everyone. With a wide range of metal prints available, you will be spoilt for choice while choosing a specific print.


• They have paper, metal, and canvas options. Metallic prints cost slightly more than the other two but they look extremely stylish.

• You get high-quality prints at affordable prices; a combination that almost everyone loves.

• Their innovative prints look unique. You will notice a significant difference in their quality and style with metal prints of other companies.

• Customer service is excellent. You can talk to the executives via phone, email, or even live chat.

• Their habit of paying attention to detail is something that keeps them ahead of other companies.


• Their shipping charges are slightly on the higher side compared to their competitors.

3. Canvas Champ

As the name suggests, they are one of the champions of the business. They focus mainly on metal prints, canvas prints, and a range of custom gifts, such as photo pillows and photo mugs. Their quality of metal prints is so good that you can consider them as part of your home décor options. Whether you want to print a family photo or a picture of a landscape you took on your last vacation, Canvas Champ is here to make them look stunning with its metal prints.


• It has an A accreditation with Better Business Bureau.

• Their competitive pricing makes it hard to move to another metal print company offering similar prints.

• You get tons of options apart from metal prints, such as custom mugs, photo pillows, and home décor items.

• They offer fast shipping. That means you can expect to get your print delivered within a few days after placing your order.

• Their excellent customer service ensures that you don’t have any confusion in mind while choosing any of the metal prints.


• The website is slightly confusing to navigate. But once you find what you are looking for, you will want to come back for more.

4. HD Aluminum Prints

One of the reasons why HD Aluminum Prints are so popular is they have a wide range of options of metal prints according to your budget. This gives you a variety of choices depending on how much you want to spend on a metal print. Some photographers are very specific about maintaining the quality of the prints. They can choose from high-end prints. On the other hand, if you are buying metal prints for the first time and don’t want to invest significantly, you can choose a cheaper print.


• The ordering process is quite easy. You just need to choose the type of metal print you want, select the size, send your photo, and place your order.

• You can even ask for test prints that are available for just $10.

• The company ships products swiftly to customers from Canada and the US.

• The different options of metal prints according to different costs give you a range of options to choose from.


• Customer service is slightly on the slower side.

5. Bumblejax

Bumblejax is a great company if you want consistent, reliable, and high-quality metal prints. Their digital printing services are doing the rounds among photographers and artists because of the quality they maintain. Every product looks like a masterpiece once they finish printing. With more than 30 years of experience in this line, you can trust Bumblejax to provide the best metal print ever. They are also the first company in the US to provide acrylic facing mount services.


• They have a wide variety of printing services apart from metal prints.
• Their easy-to-use website allows everyone to go through the different metal prints and terms and conditions of the order quickly.
• Artists and photographers appreciate their superb color consistency.
• You get guaranteed customer satisfaction.


• You may find the metal prints quite expensive compared to other companies.

With 5 top companies available, you don’t need to search more for high-quality metal prints. Compare the prices among these companies and place your order as soon as possible.

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